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"Defining" Moments with Sherry: Freezing of Pipes

Frozen pipes

It is bitter cold outside… Did you know that your homeowners insurance may cover damages resulting from the freezing of pipes? Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover freezing of plumbing, heating or air conditioning systems, assuming the following conditions are met:

  • The property is occupied and the heat is maintained.
  • If the property is vacant you must shut off the water and completely drain the plumbing and/or heating system.
  • If you fail to turn off the water & drain the plumbing/heating system in a vacant dwelling, you will not be covered for the damages resulting from the frozen plumbing.

In other words, if your pipes in your home freeze and you failed to maintain heat, you will be responsible for the bill to repair the pipes and any other damage associated with the freezing of the pipes. Not so much fun.

I am still new to insurance language, so I just recently realized that last year, when the pipes (in the wall) to the shower froze and burst at my house, the removal/replacement of the wall and the repair to fix the plumbing would have been covered.

Remember in these frigid temperatures, make sure you do what you can to keep pipes from freezing and be safe about it. Stay Warm!!

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