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"Defining" Moments with Sherry: Insurance Agent

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An insurance agent is someone that is licensed by the state to sell insurance policies to you. Most agents sell many types of insurance policies, such as homeowners, auto, boat, renters, business, health and life insurance. Independent agents are agents that are self-employed and receive commissions from the companies they represent for writing and renewing policies. Exclusive agents represent only one insurance company and may work for a salary or for commissions. Some agents offer more than others, but their main goal should be to help you, the consumer.

When you want to purchase a new policy or make changes on your existing policy you must contact your local agent. You can choose to work with any licensed agent, so if your current agent is not providing you with the level of service you expect, you can elect to be represented by a different agency. Changing your agent does not necessarily mean you have to change insurance companies, as long as the new agent you choose also represents your company. Your agent knows you best and can help you select the best coverage to fit your needs.

One of the many benefits of an independent agent is they help with legwork to find the best policy to meet your needs within your price range. They can answer all of your questions before making a purchase. Finding the perfect agent for you will definitely work to your advantage in the long run!

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