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"Defining" Moments with Sherry: Named Perils

Insurance policy documents

Have you ever looked at your declaration page (the documents that you get from your insurance company) and wondered what is actually covered by your homeowners insurance policy? I know I have!

First of all, you have to know what forms you have, it makes a huge difference if it’s a ML-20 or FL-20 (The General Policy Provisions Agreement). Once you know that, you need to find what Perils Section form you have. Our forms for the ML-series are ML-3, ML-2, and ML-1 and the FL-series are FL-3, FL-2, and FL-1. Usually ML forms are used for owner occupied dwellings and FL forms for tenant occupied, but there are some exceptions to that.

These forms either include the named perils that are covered on your policy or the exclusions that are not covered. A named peril is a hazard or event named on your policy.

In certain instances, you can purchase endorsements to cover even more on your policy. For example, the ML-72 provides added water damages coverage to your existing policy, but you have to remember that exclusions apply to this form as well.

If you’re having trouble understanding your declaration pages and you’re not sure what kind of coverage you have all you have to do is ask, your independent agent can be a great resource. Think you may have a claim, but still are unsure? Call your agent or call me at the claims department.

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