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What should you do if a loss occurs?

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When something happens to your home, it's important that you promptly report it to your insurance company if you are seeking insurance coverage. To properly determine the cause of loss and the amount it will cost to repair the damaged property it is vital to inspect it as soon as possible after the loss happens, so the following steps should be taken:

What you must do in case of loss


In case of a loss or if an insured becomes aware of anything that indicates there might be a claim under the policy, the insured must:

  • Promptly give notice to company or agent (in writing if requested)
  • Notify the police when the act causing the loss is also a violation of the law; or
  • Notify the credit card company, if the loss involves credit cards

Additional Duties

The insured must also:

  • Take all reasonable steps to protect covered property at and after an insured loss to avoid further damage. (The company pays for repairs which are reasonable and necessary to protect the property from further damage, provided the insured keeps an accurate record of such expenses. These payments do not increase the limit of liability otherwise applicable to the loss)

(Listed in the ML-20 ed. 1/87)

You also must prevent any further damage from happening. So if, for example, you have a hole in your roof which is allowing rain water to get in, you must make sure the hole is covered up to prevent any further rain from getting into the home, but before doing so you may want to take photos to show the adjuster when he performs his inspection.

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